Update Features

  • Community Maps

    Community Maps

    Now available on all platforms, including consoles and Steam Deck!

  • New Knife Animations

    New Knife Animations

    Experience the new animations for the Bowie Knife and Negan's Knife

  • Prologue Changes

    Prologue Changes

    Get into the action quicker with the Skip Prologue option.

  • Brutality Level

    Brutality Level

    Customize your in-game experience. Perfect for content creators.

  • DL Points

    DL Points

    Get skin bundles without even leaving the game. Plus, enjoy 500 DL Points on us!

  • Darker, scarier nights

    Darker, scarier nights

    Pitch-black nights are making a comeback.

  • Roaming volatiles

    Roaming volatiles

    Beware the apex predators that now patrol The City.

  • Physical parkour

    Physical parkour

    Feel even more liberated with this new Parkour mode.

  • Community Maps

    Community Maps

    Explore a collection of community-made maps.

  • And more!

    And more!

    Learn more with the full list of patch notes.



Hakon Bundle

Bloody Nights event is over but the bundle is here to stay!

The Walking Dead Bundle

The Walking Dead event is over but the bundle is here to stay!


PAYDAY 2 Event

Take out Infected Robbers and loot their corpses for PAYDAY Red Diamonds!

Global Goal


Available for purchase
Hakon Bundle
Available for purchase
The Walking Dead Bundle


Dying Light 2 Stay Human Community Ideas

Hundreds of ideas have been put forward by you, the community, and there’s still time for you to suggest your own! Voting is now open, so let us know what you like (and hype your own) as we will soon start picking our faves. Get inspired and leave your mark on the game!


Dying Light 2 Stay Human Community Maps

Community Maps are now available on console and Steam Deck! Now, all players can download, rate and play maps created by our community. It’s time to see a whole different side of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Pilgrims!


Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Still don’t have Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

Now’s your chance to experience the action-horror adventure set in a post-apocalyptic open world for half its original price.

Good Night, Good Luck

Download new wallpapers if you’re feeling gutsy and in need of a fight.


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