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These ideas already made it into the game. Your concept can find its place too!

Votes 2434

Weapon Repair






Craftmasters having a weapon repair mechanic for the player

Dev Commentary

We were always hesitant to allow for weapon repairs since constantly searching for new weapons is a big part of Dying Light. That said, we’ve been getting this request for a very long time now, so it was only right for us to take the hint and follow the Players’ voice on this one. The weapon repairs in the game will work similarly to what AussieGrammarGuy proposed. Coming to a local Craftmaster near you! That is if you have the resources.

Votes 2177







More fun, Greater satisfaction

Dev Commentary

It has definitely been something to consider on our side as we want to expand on the brutality and "showmanship" aspect of our game. We aimed to make these Finishers brutal and quick — so we don't take the control from you for too long.

Votes 1907

Text Chat






Text Chat in Co-op

Dev Commentary

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme. In times of emotes, map markers and taunts, you would think that text chats would be a thing of the past, yet here we are. It’s pretty cool that old solutions are still relevant with new ideas and innovations.

Votes 1426

Hide the Paraglider backpack






The option to hide the paraglider backpack on Aiden

Dev Commentary

I'm surprised how such a small feature got so much traction in the community. Well, we hear you.

Votes 1320

Picking up dropped weapons from enemies


Mr. Can




Instead of them dissapearing, for some reason...

Dev Commentary

Two words. It's there!

Votes 1089

Carrier Outfit






Carrier outfit as a reward for a side quest.

Dev Commentary

We've done that and more — you'll get both the original Carrier outfit and a special Carrier Guild Leader one. Brace yourselves!


Ideas submitted by our community. Vote for your favorites! The top 10 suggestions will frequently move on to the In Review stage.

Our developers are reviewing whether to move forward with the idea.

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Here are all your most frequently asked questions:

  • What are Community Ideas?

    Community Ideas is a subpage on Pilgrim Outpost dedicated to our fans. Since the launch of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, we’ve been flooded by the community with several fan-requested features and other ideas that they would like to see added to the game. We want our players at the forefront of everything it is that we do here at Techland. This is why we are giving them the ability to make those wishes a reality by allowing the best and most suitable ideas to find their way into the game.

  • How can I submit my Ideas?

    Visit the Community Ideas page on pilgrimoutpost.com/goodies/community-ideas and press “Submit an idea”. Log in or sign up to Pilgrim Outpost to submit your request and fill out the form. Remember to list only one idea per entry.

  • What happens with my idea after I submit it?

    After you submit your idea, check back to the website regularly to see if it made it to “Voting”. There we store our newest entries so that they can be voted on by the community. Some submissions will not get published if they don’t meet the moderation criteria. If they do meet all the requirements, you should expect them to be listed.

  • How can I vote for ideas?

    Create a Pilgrim Outpost account and upvote however many submissions you like. You can also downvote ideas if you believe they don’t fit well with the overall Dying Light 2 Stay Human vision, though they won’t alter the “Most Popular” ranking. The top ten suggestions will then routinely move to “In Review”.

  • Will my ideas get added to the game?

    Not every idea is going to be added to the game. Only the ones that successfully make it through the whole process will be implemented. This process consists of four stages: community vote, developer review, approval and development.

  • How can I ensure that my idea gets more upvotes?

    Encourage people to vote on your idea so that it cracks the top most popular list by using the direct link to your idea and sharing it around.

  • My idea made it to “Approval” or “In Development”. When will I see it get implemented into the game?

    Not all ideas are equal. In game development, things are always in flux, not to mention some concepts are far more ambitious than others. For that reason, we can’t specify set dates, but once an idea has made it to “In Development”, you can be sure we are doing everything in our power to implement it.

  • When will I see my idea implemented into the game?

    Everything depends on the idea. First, it has to place in the top 10 of the most popular list in “Voting”. It will then be reviewed by our developers to assess its scope or if it fits within the overall direction of Dying Light. We will let you know which ideas will make the cut by systematically updating the “Approved” and “In Development” sections.

  • What does the process look like?

    The entire process consists of the following stages and prerequisites:

    • Moderation - After an idea has been submitted, it must undergo a moderation process that could flag an entry for not meeting our Terms & Conditions or other requirements.
    • Voting - If a submission meets the criteria, it will be officially listed on our site in its first main stage, where the community can upvote their favorite ideas.
    • In Review - Our devs will regularly review the ten highest-rated ideas in “Voting” and transfer them to the second stage called “In Review”. There is no specified time frame to pinpoint how long the review process will take. Developers will assess the feasibility of those ideas and examine whether they are consistent with the overall vision of Dying Light.
    • Approved/Rejected - Once the review process is complete, the entries will move on to the third stage, which can be broken up into two different scenarios: “Approved” — receiving an official green light from our devs — or “Rejected” — discarded suggestions deemed by the devs as unrealizable. Rejected ideas will have an attached Developer Feedback explaining why they won’t advance to the next stage.
    • “In Development” - This means your idea is being worked on. And although we will not be able to provide a specific date for when it will be implemented into the game, we do assure you we are doing everything in our power to make it happen.
    • “Implemented” - Your idea was added to the game.
  • How can I track the status of my idea? How will I know if my idea got approved or rejected?

    You will be able to track the status of your ideas(s) through your email that was linked to your Pilgrim Outpost account. We will be sending notifications to anyone who submits an idea.

  • Who will review my idea?

    Our developers — designers, programmers, franchise directors and others!

  • What if someone copies my idea?

    As a video game studio, we understand what goes into the creative process and that two or more people will often come up with the same or similar ideas. This does not necessarily mean that someone has copied a concept. Remember that submitting ideas is only one part of getting your idea pushed through. Sharing it around with other people allows it to gain more traction. It’s also good practice to check out “Voting” and “Rejected” sections to get a good grasp on what types get approved and which ones don’t.

  • Why is my idea not in the “In Review” slot, but a similar one is?

    Upvotes are as important as the idea itself. Since we’ve received thousands of suggestions, we will prioritize the ideas that get the most upvotes to filter the demands better and wants of our community.

  • Will I get compensated for the ideas that were developed?

    Community Ideas serve as a form of community interaction, not an active component of game development. It is merely an alternative to asking you what features you’d like to see through our social media, a system that gauges interest and enthusiasm around feedback or potential features.

  • Why is my submitted idea missing from the list?

    Submissions not listed in “Voting” were rejected or did not meet the moderation criteria.

  • What are the moderation criteria?

    Each submission will go through moderation to see if it meets the necessary criteria before it can be cataloged on the page. Entries cannot contain anything that is unlawful, tortious, fraudulent, deceptive, obscene, sexually explicit, defamatory, violent, threatening, harassing, abusive, falsely representative, or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Your Idea must not include any content that infringes any third party intellectual property rights or otherwise violates third-party rights.

    Additionally, only one idea can be listed per submission. All entry positions (i.e., title, subtitle, description, etc.) must be filled out properly. The contents of a given Idea cannot be vague, unclear, irreverent (e.g., “make the game run on Ouya”, or “make the game free”), or include links. Finally, all entries must be filled out in English. Any other language used will be immediately flagged.

  • Why can I only submit ideas in English?

    Community Ideas is currently in beta, which doesn’t support any other language. We plan to expand our language support, so expect to see changes in the future.

  • I want to change my idea. Can I edit my submission?

    You cannot edit your idea. Once an idea has been submitted it cannot be changed.



Discarded suggestions by the developers during the In Review stage.


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