Gut Feeling Update

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Stop overthinking it. Start trusting your gut again.

Gut Feeling

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Viral Rush


The horrors of the night have arrived to take over the day! Virals have mutated out of control and they are stronger than ever. The merciless pursuers are more attracted to loud noises this time, and their developed immunity means not even the safety of the daylight can save you from their grasp.

Scarred Survivors

Rahim Outfit
Post-Apo Outfit
Nightrunner Outfit

Get the bundle pack and show them what survival of the fittest really means

Scavenge the streets as the gloating runner of Harran or take on the form of his special Infected variant. Fend off hordes with the Pickaxe or take to the skies like a pro using a new paraglider that glows in the dark.
The Rahim Bundle will be available for purchase in digital stores soon.

It’s been 15 years since the fall, but that doesn’t seem to stop you. Not in the least! Keep that survivor spirit when scavenging for supplies and fighting off the dangers of the world in a new suit, or while carrying Spiked Bracers and Patchy Paraglider.
The Post-Apo Bundle will be available for purchase in digital stores soon.

Show no mercy to your enemies by mutilating them in combat with the Cutting Edge Axe. Whether you’re helping survivors during the day or braving the dangers of the night, this outfit is perfect when it’s hot and bloody outside.

Gut Feeling
Update Features

  • Co-Op Fixes & Features
    Gore / Brutality

    Gore / Brutality

    Get more brutal and pack a bigger punch. The enhanced combat system adds visceral visualizations, improved ragdoll physics, new animations and more! Your enemies will have a tougher time staying whole after meeting you.

  • Cross-Gen
    Weapon Crafting

    Weapon Crafting

    Get your hands on blueprints! Visit Craftmasters scattered throughout The City to craft your favorite weapon as many times as you want. Upgrade your blueprints before crafting for better stats.

  • Legend Levels
    Gear Transmog

    Gear Transmog

    Keep your stats and your style! Pick outfits that will give you the best performance, but change the way they look to please the eye.

  • Check the full list of fixes and improvements.


The remaining human settlements are hundreds of kilometers apart. To travel between them, Pilgrims have created a network of hideouts where they can rest, refill on supplies, refine weaponry, and prepare for the next day.

Spike invites you to a new community hub for Dying Light fans! Log in to your Pilgrim Outpost account, activate Bounties and play Dying Light games to earn exclusive items.

Gut Feeling

Download new wallpapers if you’re feeling gutsy and in need of a fight.

Pilgrim Outpost

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