Winter Tales (1.14)

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Winter Tales (1.14)

Gifts From Above - Event
Get ready for Winter Tales as Villedor becomes covered in winter's frost. Baka is back with new bounties and rewards for an upcoming event. Remember to write a letter to Santa because he is probably near the city, and gifts are falling from the sky. However, be wary, as they might be protected by Naughty Infected, who are invading the city again.
This year, snow has arrived in Villedor, so remember to visit your favorite spots in the City and prepare your camera for festive snaps.
Be sure to check out the Bazaar, where survivors have started decorating the Christmas Tree. They may need some help with that.
Event will be available to you till 5th January

New Enemy Variants
With the Update, a new wave of enemy variants will show up on the streets of the City.
Watch out for biters, carrying the deadly gas tanks on their backs. You can encounter three new variants:
Don't get too close to the Toxic one - he will release a deadly cloud around himself
Stop your enemies where you want them - Freezing biter will prevent them from moving
Watch incinerating biter throw fire puddles around him - but not from too close, or you will be engulfed in the fireball he turns into!
Virals also turn more vicious - some of them will spit in your direction to keep you away. You may also encounter them carrying gas tank.
Don't get surprised by the new Goon variant - their scream will alert banshees, waiting in the dark corners to attack you.
New Weapons - Polearms
Diversify your battlefield tactics with the arrival of Polearms! This new weapon type offers extended reach, allowing for strategic engagements and versatile playstyles. Pick them up from the cold dead hands of enemies that carried them before, or visit weapon vendors.
Don't forget to visit Shen Xiu (Chapter 2 Agent) and Pilgrim Outpost! And of course, the new weapon type comes with its unique finisher.
Nocturnal Weapons
We are introducing a new type of weapon specifically designed for better effectiveness during night fights. Nocturnal Weapons come only in higher rarities - from unique to exotics, so just because of that they’re already quite formidable. But what sets these weapons apart are their special affixes (triggered during the night) and cool, fluorescent appearances. Some of these weapons are designed to focus on handling specific types of infected, so choose wisely which one you will bring into the night. However, keep in mind that, as powerful as they are, they also drain your immunity faster, so using them is a classic risk-and-reward mechanic. Participate in Night Encounters, and fight Volatiles, Backpack Biters, and several others to obtain them. Make sure to visit Harper and Pilgrim Outpost. Explore the night and discover your first Nocturnal Weapon.
Throwable Weapons
New Throwing Knife - Want to wreak havoc among hordes of enemies while slashing through them? We have the perfect solution: throw a new PK tool, an exploding knife, at your enemies, watch out for a short beep beep beep, and enjoy the small explosion, giving yourself much-needed space in tight situations.
Shurikens - What's better than one shuriken? Three thrown simultaneously. Combine them with a katana, and you can be the one and only ninja in Villedor.
PS5 Cross-Gen Save
Cross-generation saves between PS4 and PS5 have arrived
If you play the previous generation your save will travel with you onto the next one - and your progress comes along for the ride.*
*Cross Gen transfer save will not transfer "Can't Touch This", "Lightning Reflexes" and DLC Trophies automatically to have them with you on the new console you have to follow additional steps:
open your PS4 version of the game and install the latest update
change an option in your profile - can be any change of video/audio options in the main menu
turn off the game on ps4 and download the update on the PS5
use save transfer functionality - this should ensure you get all your Trophies!
New Finishers
Your enthusiasm for new features doesn't go unnoticed; we've heard you clearly.
Get ready for a fistfight and check 2 new hands finishers, waiting to be mastered in the midst of battle.
In addition, you can now get a chance to perform a finisher after successfully performing Perfect Dodge, Perfect Parry, X-Ray attack, and even when you release yourself from the Biter grab.
Nightrunner Tools in NG+
After completing a game and entering New Game+, all your Nightrunner Tools will stay with you. Players who already were in New Game + before this Update will receive missing Tools on level 2*
*The tools will be accessible in Open World free roaming, meaning several missions will prevent you from using them to ensure a smooth experience. Adequate information will be shown in those cases.
Game Update
We’ve also introduced the following fixes and improvements to the game:
• [PC] Players can now choose another key to bind the Expert grappling hook
• We adjusted Korek Charm to 40% damage buff at 25% of weapon durability
• Fixed an issue where Skullface will remain idle
• Fixed issue when objective marker displays improper information
• Fixed an issue where players could lure infected into Stamma’s Room
• Carnage Manica Shield blueprint accessible from the vendor, Manica can now be dismantled.
• Added new visual and audio effects showing elemental damage affecting the player
• Adjusted knuckledusters attack animation to look more natural
• Fixed issue when Steam players couldn't join players that were using Epic Games Launcher
• Fixed issue when Epic Players couldn't join Steam Players
• Fixed the issue of the game crashing after joining coop sessions
• Fixed an issue when the objective disappeared after a short time after starting the generator in the “Bridge the Gap” Mission
• Fixed an issue when some infected could be seen walking in the air by the host in “Bridge the Gap” Mission
• Fixed an issue when the objective won’t progress after killing all enemies
• Fixed an issue where Volatile would ignore flashlights
Dev Tools
• Over 600 Hellraid assets are added to the DevTools library
• Implementation of LODs
• Fixed an issue where an unknown key appeared in the tutorial when toggle crouch was turned off
• Fixed an issue where the challenge weapon had a red background icon and was shown as worn out in certain challenges
• Implemented cosmetic changes to the Tooltip in the Inventory UI
• Fixed issue with improper lighting on Howlers when they were standing in the sunlight
• Updated animations for various aspects of the game (including cutscenes, NPC animations, and more) with re-mocap involved
• Fixed issue with invisible collisions during “Kill the Renegades” objective
• Fixed Infected noises
• Fixed game crash after performing a quick resume
• Fixed graphical issue after entering the hospital
• Fixed issue for not getting trophies related to map activities
• Fixed Volatile AI and patrolling routes near VNC Tower, Highway, and Hills
• Fixed an issue with when GRE Aberration could be one-shot in spawning animation
• Fixed Cricket Bat icon during challenges
• Fixed Opera Machete balancing
• Fixed VFX during the fights in the Opera Arena
• Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck between textures
• Fixed issue where AI was not reacting to players
• Fixed an issue where the camera clips through the Kensei Outfit when healing
• Fixed an issue where the Mission Canceled title does not appear after canceling the mission
• Fixed visual effect of torches at the opera building entrance
• Fixed sound when players are under the influence of ongoing elemental damage
• Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on top of the ceiling near the Bazaar entrance
• Fixed an issue where Anomaly could be seen passing through the environment when leaping
• Fixed an issue where Cricket Bat, Scrapper Hammer, or Buccaneer failed to appear in the weapons wheel
• Fixed gaps between buildings in the city
• Fixed an issue where the map was blurred and shook while being affected by the howler’s scream
• Fixed an issue where a dot indication of a new item reappears on all items in the stash
• Fixed an issue where the trophy “Into the Unknown” was not chained to the rest of the main quest
• Fixed an issue where the camera would jitter while opening certain doors in a Dark hollow zone
• Fixed an issue where players were able to cut the enemy in half with knives
Improved Far-jump animation making it more immersive


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