Hunting Sergeant Ryan

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Hunting Sergeant Ryan
Shen Xiu has made quite a reputation for herself in The City.

Shen Xiu has made quite a reputation for herself in The City. As her services are in high demand, she is contracted to find another deadly Infected — a mutated Demolisher. Rumor has it that this one is a former Peacekeeper Sergeant Ryan now rampaging around the city at night.

It is yet to be confirmed if that tale is true, but what is certain is that this Demolisher is much tougher than a regular one. He has already taken down multiple PK squads that tried to stop its reign of terror. Shen Xiu realizes this is not going to be an easy job so she asks Aiden for help.

Foes Are Tougher to Kill — during Chapter 2 Missions, some of the Infected and bandits within the abandoned metro will be armored PK Infected.
New Mutated Infected — instead of fighting against the Hag, players will hunt down a new dangerous Demolisher variant, Sgt. Ryan. Bigger, stronger and more resistant.

Take part in the event for must-have rewards:
Participation Goal: Kill Sgt. Ryan once
Reward: Hunter's Token

Personal Goal: Kill Sgt. Ryan 3 times
Reward: RebarBar"

TGG Global Goal: Kill Sgt Ryan 500 000 times
Reward: Avocado Charm and 3x Hunter's Token

For every 50K kills over the global goal, you will receive an additional Hunter’s Token at the end of the event - up to 3 times.
**Participation and personal rewards will appear in your in-game stash once the goal is reached. After completing the global goal, head to the TechlandGG website and sign in to your account to claim the reward

Hunting Sergeant Ryan

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