Survivor Missions - Week 3

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Survivor Missions - Week 3
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Week 3 (Starts 12PM CET, March 7):

Buckshot Beatdown:
Use a shotgun to defeat a Volatile

Running and Gunning:
Use a rifle to defeat 10 Infected

Lock and Load:
Use an SMG to defeat a Banshee

Elite Teamwork:
Complete an Elite Survivor Mission in Co-op

Additionally, for completing all 12 Anniversary Bounties, you’ll get 50 Pilgrim Tokens on top of all the other rewards! All rewards will need to be claimed through Pilgrim Outpost. You will have until 2PM on March 14 to activate the bounties and until April 14 at 12PM to claim your rewards.

For more information about the Anniversary Bounties, head to Pilgrim Outpost!


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