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Bounty List

Come back each week, activate the new bounties and count down to the next set!

Bounties active:


Time left to claim rewards:


Week 1

Your Progress

Weapon Legendary

A hybrid between a devastating hammer and a harpoon launcher.

Scorpio Harpoons: Heavyweight harpoons for the Scorpio hybrid harpoon-launcher and heavy melee weapon.

Blueprint included. Redeem it accordingly in the stash.

  • ⚙️ Your reward has been unlocked for you.

New Tricks in Villedor

Defeat 10 enemies with a Finisher.


Bounty Boy

Complete the Run Boy Run Community Map in under 6:40".


One Step Ahead of Death

Stay alive for 60 seconds while being chased.


Chop Chop

Cut 50 limbs off Infected.


Week 2

Your Progress

Weapon Artifact
Nocturnal Tribal Machete
Nocturnal Tribal Machete

Brought back from the depths of a terrifying badland.

Beware: Nocturnal weapons accelerate immunity drain. Handle with care.

Blueprint included. Redeem it accordingly in the stash.

  • ⚙️ Your reward has been unlocked for you.

Everybody Gets a Bullet

Use a pistol to defeat 10 Infected.


Still Alive

Complete 3 Survivor Missions.


Experiment Terminated

Defeat 1 GRE Anomaly or Aberration.


Every Swing You Take

Use the Scorpio to defeat 10 Infected.


Week 3

Your Progress

Outfit Legendary
Acolyte Outfit
Acolyte Outfit

This natty apron-and-spiky-mask combination was once worn by members of The Faceless.

  • ⚙️ Your reward has been unlocked for you.

Buckshot Beatdown

Use a Shotgun to defeat 1 Volatile.


Running and Gunning

Use a Rifle to defeat 10 Infected.


Lock and Load

Use an SMG to defeat 1 Banshee.


Elite Teamwork

Complete 1 Elite Survivor mission.


Get even more

Complete all 12 bounties and get a nice sum of tokens to spend in Armory.

50 Pilgrim Tokens
50 Pilgrim Tokens
  • ⚙️ Your reward has been unlocked for you.

Still looking for something to do?

Every week, we release a new set out bounties to complete. Check them out!


Here are all your most frequently asked questions

  • What are Anniversary Bounties? How do they work?
    They are a 3-week activity lasting between February 22nd and March 14th, 2024.
    Players will have a total of 12 Bounties, 4 bounties per week.
    If a player misses Week 1 or Week 2, they still have time to complete those bounties for as long as the activity lasts.
    Remember, you'll need a Pilgrim Outpost account to unlock the rewards. For the newcomers: Pilgrim Outpost is a website that serves as a hub for everything connected to Dying Light.
  • Which rewards are available?
    There will be weekly rewards available:
    Scorpio: legendary hybrid melee harpoon launcher
    Nocturnal Tribal Machete
    Acolyte Outfit: once worn by members of The Faceless
    Additionally, for completing all 12 Anniversary Bounties, you’ll get 50 Pilgrim Tokens, on top of all the other rewards.
    All rewards can be claimed only through Pilgrim Outpost.
    You will have until April 14 to claim your rewards (1 month after the activity finishes on March 14).
    Your claimed items will automatically appear in your in-game stash. Make sure to complete the Prologue section to gain access to your items.
  • How do I initiate an Anniversary Bounty?
    You'll need a Pilgrim Outpost account to unlock these fabulous rewards:
    Log in or create your Pilgrim Outpost account
    Link your gaming platform (Steam, PS, Xbox, etc.)
    Activate Bounties by clicking “ACTIVATE” on the Bounty tile on pilgrimoutpost.com (you can have up to 4 bounties active at the same time)
    Complete Bounties in-game
    Once completed, claim your rewards on pilgrimoutpost.com by clicking “CLAIM” on the Bounty tile
    You have until March 14th to activate and complete all 12 Bounties.
  • How do I claim them?
    Bounties can be claimed at pilgrimoutpost.com
    Deadline for completing bounties is March 14th 2024.
    Deadline for claiming rewards is April 14th 2024 (30 Days after the Anniversary Bounty Event completes)

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