Savage Samurai Bundle

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Savage Samurai Bundle
This bundle is now available in the in-game store.

Warriors of discipline, masters of ancient combat techniques. A samurai waits for that one opportune moment to swiftly strike his enemy with full force! But before finding that opening, it’s important to parry your foe’s attacks!

Savage Samurai outfit
— look within yourself and then at those around you. The time is here to show them what it takes to be a real warrior.

Samurai Gear Items
— A unique set of six items, wearing them will grant you increased damage for two-handed weapons, a great advantage for any samurai. Additionally, the items will reduce your stamina usage when using melee weapons and allow your health to regenerate with each block.

Savage Katana
—  this razor-sharp blade parry and the effect grows it's like dragon's breath

— honor your ancestors with this magnificent ranged weapon, inspired by the legendary bows of the Samurai.

Savage Arrow Blueprint
— no bow is complete without the ammunition that can pierce the hearts of men and monsters, but fire one of these arrows at a foe and the kaze will blast them away.

Samurai's Paraglider
— resort to a new military tactic and go down in history as an innovative warrior legend.

Mempo Charm
— applying the charm strengthens your weapon’s durability with every hit.


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