Winter is coming to Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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Winter is coming to Dying Light 2 Stay Human
The naughty Infected have stolen all the candy to ruin the Christmas spirit.

’Tis the Season to be Jolly, the festive hunt begins this holiday on December 22nd until January 5th
The nasty rascals have stolen all the candy in The City and their appearance mutated as a result of their cruel behaviour in this, the latest event in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Don’t let them have it, complete special daily and weekly bounties to restore hope for the holidays!

Chilling Encounters
The cold-blooded infected have turned into Naughty Bolters, Naughty Helpers, and Uncle Snows. It’s up to you to cast out the infernal enemies who are spoiling all the fun.

Baka the Unfortunate Returns
Compelled by a Christmas spirit, our resident sweet-tooth is back. Visit Baka at the Bazaar to discover what holiday surprises await you this time around. 

Get The Nutcracker Bundle for free
Get jolly hats, holiday-themed masks, Christmas-decorated weapons, and other cheery presents - collect the most sought after items of the season.

What is most important - Unlock the new Nutcracker bundle for free by participating in the Winter Tales event. 
- Nutcracker skin - you need to reach merchant level 5 and bring some gifts for Baka.
- Go on your merry way - pick up 20 stolen presents to unlock the Nutcracker Paraglider reward.
- Don’t deal with all the commotion alone, join other Pilgrims in celebration with the Bauble Mace, after collectively gathering 6 000 000 presents.

The Nutcracker

These rewards will appear in your in-game stash once the goal is reached. Head to, then signin to your account to claim. This bundle is time limited. If you're late for the winter party, you can buy the Nutcracker set from the digital stores later.

Winter Tales



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