Viral Rush

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Viral Rush
A new In-game event awaits.

The horrors of the night became even more terrifying! Virals have mutated out of control and they are now stronger than ever. They will pursue you mercilessly and this time, not even safety of the day will allow you to survive. Eliminate them to keep the mutation under control. And do it brutally.

Participate in the event to complete the Rahim Bundle

Participation Goal:
Cut off / destroy at least one Viral
one Token
one Pilgrim Token
one Hunter’s Token
one Harper’s Token

Participation Goal:
Cut off / destroy at least 100 Virals
Pickaxe Weapon + Blueprint

Personal Goal:
Cut off / destroy at least 1000 Virals
Rahim's Outfit + Rahim's Paraglider

Global Goal:
Cut off / destroy at least 80 000 000 Virals
Viral Rahim's Outfit

*Participation and personal rewards will appear in your in-game stash once the goal is reached. After completing the global goal, head to the Pilgrim Outpost website and sign in to your account to claim the reward.

The event ends on 04.05 at 16:00 pm CET.

Viral Rush
Viral Rush

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