Update 1.4.0 is coming tomorrow!

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Update 1.4.0 is coming tomorrow!
New In-game System - Chapters

Welcome to the first Dying Light 2 Stay Human Chapter, Pilgrim! Assist Harper, a Nightrunner of old, in his efforts to combat the Special Infected that are endangering the people of The City in exchange for access to never-before-seen equipment.

Chapter Agent — meet Harper, a former Nightrunner that acts as your link to the new features. Find him at the Fish Eye Canteen and assist him in taking down the Infected.
New Rank System — discover a system that strengthens the bond between you and the agent by carrying out his tasks. 
Daily and Weekly Bounties — face the Infected head-on in a series of daily and weekly night activities that will earn you reputation points upon completion.
Unlockables — with enough reputation points, you can rank up to unlock access to high-end weapons, outfits, and consumables. 
2 New Currencies — to purchase these new items, you will first need to collect mutation samples off of the corpses of the Special Infected and acquire unique Harper’s Tokens with each new rank.
New Enemies — meet the deadly and fierce Mutated Infected, the Volatile Tyrant, and the Volatile Hive.
Chapter Mission — in this mission, you will have to endure time trials that will test your stealth, parkour, and combat skills to the limit.

Photo Mode
Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to implement a Photo Mode! This feature will be available in single-player game mode, and you will be able to launch it in most situations. Still, due to the complex parkour mechanics, it might be unavailable in some action sequences or poses. 

Multiple camera manipulation options, including aperture, focus distance, zoom, and roll, will help you create dynamic screenshots.
Color adjustments such as temperature, exposure, saturation, contrast, and vignette, with the addition of filters, will make each photo just beaming with climate and style.
Special Effects will allow you to create unique sequences straight from the action movies.

Game Updates
With each update, we always bring hundreds of fixes to our game and Update 1.4.0 is no different. Aside from the Chapters and Photo Mode introduction, we’ve focused on gameplay issues reported by our players and detected by our QA team.

Check out a more detailed list below:
Gameplay Updates
Fixed dust presence in The City after completing the game. The only affected terrain will be around the TV Station area
Fixed an issue with inseparable Biter limbs
Fixed an issue with vaulting into textures, allowing the player to traverse around the map
Fixed missing textures in the Prologue that caused players to fall outside the map
Fixed issues that caused Volatiles and Virals not to be affected by UV Flashlight
Fixed an issue where players would not receive a bat during the Ultimate Fury Cricket challenge
Improved player’s reaction to Volatile hits
Fixed Hakon being stuck during the Getting Stronger quest
Fixed Hakon teleporting glitch during the Getting Stronger quest
Fixed a heavy fog present during the Getting Stronger quest
Fixed missing world items in the containers during the Markers of Plague quest that blocked players from progressing in the quest
Fixed some issues with missing textures in Dark Zones
Fixed gathering prompt on world items like UV shrooms or chamomile
Fixed game behavior while leaving Nightrunner Trial with a function designed to leave the challenge early
Fixed one-handed power attack animation
Fixed a bug during the A Place to Call Home quest that did not allow players to progress in a story on PlayStation
Fixed a bug during The Only Way Out that did not allow players to progress in the story
Fixed a bug where skipping dialogue would not allow players to progress in the story
Fixed respawn button that was not working properly during some quests
Fixed an issue where encounter spawn was too crowded for a place of combat
Special Infected are harder to kill with ranged weapons
Fixed an issue where Military Tech would disappear right after collecting it from an Airdrop and then terminating the game
Fixed an issue where players could not use the bed, and the in-game time was frozen
Fixed enemy detection of players’ ranged attacks while they remain hidden
Fixed ravagers AI while patrolling the camps

Co-op Updates
Improved co-op stability when joining the game on PlayStation
Fixed an issue where players could not join the host because of changing online visibility to Private and Public multiple times
Fixed overlapping Fast Travel prompt 
Fixed flashlight glitch that was visible on the map during co-op play
Fixed black screen issue while playing with friends on console versions of the game
Fixed game crashes related to challenge timer
Fixed issue where players could not participate in Crossbow Survive challenge
Fixed issue with Water Tower alignment blocked after playing with a friend

UI/UX Updates
Fixed The Message of the Day fullscreen display
Fixed The Message of The Day issues while the game is launched in the Traditional Chinese language
Fixed incorrect display of list format in Events tab while the game is launched in the Japanese language
Fixed overlapping Continue and Options buttons in the main menu on Xbox
Fixed D-pad control of Events tab on Xbox
Fixed UI glitch when changing charms in the inventory
Fixed missing controller controls on the PC version of the game
Fixed access to Credits on Xbox
Fixed missing map texture 
Fixed issue with side quests being active in your journal after starting New Game +
Fixed missing Stamina requirement on Windmill activities 
Players are now able to compare items in the inventory

Technical Updates
Improved CPU performance on PlayStation
Fixed multiple stability issues during game launch on PlayStation and Xbox
Fixed game crash related to a simultaneous button press in difficulty screen on Xbox
Fixed black screen issue during the second Waltz encounter on Xbox
Fixed loading screen crash that happened after finishing the Prologue
Fixed collection of Tickets, Please! trophy on PlayStation
Fixed FPS drops in the open-world environment on PlayStation
Fixed Show On Map quest feature on ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo
Fixed a possibility to swap screens on ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo

… and 1491 other minor fixes. Thanks for the continued support and feedback that you provide us on a daily basis! 


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