The Walking Dead Bundle

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The Walking Dead Bundle
“If it’s dead, then kill it!”

Let’s honor the 20th anniversary of The Walking Dead with this special bundle that’s full of iconic items!
Embody the spirit of resourceful leader Rick Grimes or grab one of the most iconic weapons out there. Oh, and don’t forget, even though it’s pretty obvious, “If it’s dead, then kill it!”.

This bundle contains:
Lucille + Blueprint
— this bat is abso-...-lutely deadly, and ready to crack some Infected skulls.

Michonne's Katana + Blueprint
— tap into your sword-wielding ways, arm yourself with this katana and the deadly skills to complement it.

Negan's Knife + Blueprint
— to be used only when Lucille isn’t looking.

The Walking Dead Paraglider
— if the streets are ruled by the undead, it’s better to stay above them.

Rick Grimes Outfit
— every law-abiding individual should respect this uniform. Even the undead ones.

The Walking Dead Bundle



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