Super-Crane saves Christmas

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Super-Crane saves Christmas
Super-Crane saves Christmas in Dying Light’s Winter Event!

Make children in Harran happy by collecting as many presents as you can and delivering them to quartermasters. You’ll find lost gifts in airdrops, Rais’ supply stashes, and quarantine zones, but some got stolen by mischievous Bolters. These scoundrels will make a run for it as soon as they see you.

On the other hand, Tiny Goblin Zombies chase you on sight. They might look cute in their little green jackets, but you’ll quickly learn they are mean! Just like thieving Bolters, they’re more numerous in Old Town than in the Slums, but instead of presents, they drop Christmas Snacks that grant you various short-lasting buffs.

You can consume those treats right away or you can use them to make Grandma’s Eggnog that temporarily boosts your stamina, armor, and speed. To be able to do that, you’ll need to complete your personal bounty, as it rewards you with blueprints for Grandma’s Eggnog, Snowball (a throwable that freezes enemies in place), and the Santa’s Helper outfit.

If the community collects enough presents before the event ends on January 5, you will also receive a docket for the Candy Cane weapon blueprint

Have fun playing around as you strive to restore the Christmas spirit in Harran!

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Super Crane Winter Event



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