Patch 1.2.0 for Xbox is here!

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Patch 1.2.0 for Xbox is here!
Check the full list of improvements and fixes below.

Xbox patch content:

Xbox Platform Related Fixes
Improved game stability.
A new Balanced Mode added that runs in 60 FPS at Xbox Series X.
Xbox Series S game modes added, including Performance Mode that runs in 60 FPS.
Story Progression Fixes
All known cases with “Deathloops” eliminated.
Fixed blocks in multiple quests – Into The Dark, Assassination, Sophie in The Raid Quest, Hubert in The Only Way Out, Veronika, Nightrunners, The Lost Light, Double Time.
Solved problems with safe zones (in-game clock stops, can’t sleep).

Co-op Fixes
Stability issues fixed: crashes or black screens in certain situations
Numerous story progress blocks fixed
Fixed issues with accepting invites
Challenges issues fixed: no weapon when inventory full, difficulty balance improved, tools requirements properly handled
Fixed co-op parties spawning in distant places
Improved/fixed replication of city open world activities: windmills, hanging cages, loot chests, NPC rescue issues
Fixed enemies and players falling through the ground in certain situations
Several performance drops fixed

Nightrunner Tools Fixes
Paraglider and Grappling Hook upgrades can be applied correctly for players that obtained them during cooperative sessions.

Important Combat Improvements
Improved Biter behavior during the day. The enemy latches onto the players more frequently which diversifies enemy encounters.
Performance of blunt weapons improved to reflect the sense of weight.
Improved enemy reaction depending on the type of weapon – to better reflect the weight of the weapon.
Human opponents can now block players’ attacks during light hit reaction time.
Light hit reactions for human enemies have been shortened.

New ragdoll’s behaviors.
Opponents enter ragdolls more often.
Ragdoll works more naturally.
Ragdoll behaves differently depending on the used weapon type.
Appropriate forces are applied when falling from a height and when hitting different parts of the body while maintaining the force given from the direction of the blow.
When a ragdoll collides with its surroundings – the appropriate sound and FXs are played depending on the surface the body falls on.
Improved spikes detection. The enemy is now always stamped on the spikes after a hit. Additionally spikes audio feedback is now improved and new FXs were added (displayed based on the body’s physical momentum).

Night Improvements and Balance
Howler’s senses range increased.
Increased the Howler resistance to range weapons.
The chase is triggered when a Howler is hit by a ranged weapon and is still alive.
Volatiles come out of hiding spots faster during the chase.
Level 4 of the chase is now more difficult.

UI/UX Improvements
Survivor Sense now works correctly and can be triggered without any cooldowns after getting hit or performing specific parkour actions.
Improvements to the Options Menu information architecture incl. a dedicated Accessibility Tab.
Added feature to show, hide or dynamically display Player Health Bar, Item Selector, and Time of Day Indicator.
The dynamic setting for Player Health Bar is the new default and hides the bar when the player is at 100% health.
The dynamic setting for Item Selector is the new default. The Item Selector becomes visible when in combat and when performing combat actions or using D-Pad.
The dynamic setting for the Time of Day Indicator is the new default setting. The Time of Day Indicator becomes visible during day-night transitional periods.
All of the widgets that are set Hidden or Dynamic become visible in Extended HUD.
Visual Improvements to Player HP and Stamina bars. These elements are lighter and their colors are more neutral.
Visual Improvements to the enemies’ stance meter to more clearly indicate its connection to blunt weapons.

Improvements to the Final Boss Fight
Fixed an issue where the opponent does not react correctly to other players and does not change behavior that might lead to several glitches during CO-OP play.
Alternate opponent behaviors in Phase 2 during CO-OP play.
Opponent performs area attacks more frequently during CO-OP sessions.
Shortening the narrative scenes between the phases in a boss fight.
Boss fight pacing improvements.

Outro Improvements
Improvements of the game endings sequences. Additional end-of-game scenes have been added to better align gameplay and outro scenes.

Balance Tweaks
Higher Rank Bows are now more easily accessible at Merchants and in the world.
Banshees and Chargers are now more easily spotted in the Infected hordes during the night.

Technical Improvements
Improvements in outdoor lighting.
Improvements to sun shadows.
Improvements to spotlight shadows.
Improvements to Motion Blur – added intensity and distance blur customization.

Brutality Pack
Player hits with sharp weapons are now more precise and allow Players to chop off body parts of opponents and cut them in half more easily (vertically and horizontally).
Reworked audio for enemy hit response – different sounds are played depending on the strength of the hit and the damage the player deals.
Blood splats on the ground appear when Player hits the opponent.
If a player is close to the enemy during the attacks, the opponent’s blood will splash on the screen.
Improved blood effects on enemy bodies after hits.
A dead enemy is now interactive and reacts accurately to blows and injuries.
A new effect of bloodstains on the enemies’ bodies after hit.
New blood FXs have been added.

… and numerous additional bug fixes and quality improvements.


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