New Game Plus Has Come to Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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New Game Plus Has Come to Dying Light 2 Stay Human
The newest update has brought multiple co-op fixes and a New Game+ mode asked by the community

Update 1.3.0 has just come to Dying Light 2 Stay Human, fixing a lot of co-op issues, and delivering completely new, endgame content awaited by the community. New Game+ has been added this week, on April 27th, along with the last update. It is be available for everyone who finishes the base game. New Game+ allows players to revisit The City, keep the progression from the first playthrough (skill, items and weapons with the exception of the Nightrunner tools), relive the story, and make different decisions this time around, with a new scaling, harder difficulty and great bonuses. Watch the trailer below:

Let us also invite you to the new episode of Techland’s YouTube series At The Fish Eye and see what our devs want to say about the New Game+.

In the NG+, players can keep the progression of their initial adventure, but that’s not all, as many new things came with NG+ to Dying Light 2 Stay Human! In this new game mode, players are able to find 30 new inhibitors hidden in the not-so-obvious places to let people maximize their character’s health and stamina. The difficulty of the enemies is scaled up to Aiden’s level. Those special encounters will be a real challenge for skilled Pilgrims out there, filled with special enemies and the diversity of their forms. 

New special encounters with more challenging enemies will grant you higher rewards. Completing them gives you a chance to obtain the new Legendary rarity weapon! But for those who prefer to collect titles over the prizes, Techland added a new platinum medal for parkour challenges based on the gamers’ best results. 

Among the latest additions in update 1.3.0, Techland patched a slew of co-op-related bugs, namely the remaining death loops. As for console players (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only), a FOV slider feature was added to the game, which allows for an improved perspective. 

The full list of all the additional bug fixes and quality improvements will be posted on Dying Light 2 Stay Human Steam page and social channels. Make sure to band together with fellow survivors on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

In the meantime, it serves to stay vigilant. With major updates already here and New Game+, which will breed numerous possibilities to relive the story with different choices, this makes for another good jumping-on point for the new players. 


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