New Features for Community Ideas Are Here!

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New Features for Community Ideas Are Here!
We said Community Ideas would be coming back, didn’t we?

Community Ideas allow us to communicate directly with our audience. This is why, after some improvements and updates to the system, we are happy to announce that the official full release is here!

We want to thank you for sharing your feedback with us on what improvements you would have liked to see. Keyword search bar, extended categories filter, multiple language support, and entry translation powered by Google API are just some of the features we’ve implemented. 

These updates should help you search more easily in the VOTING tab for Community Ideas that you might be interested in. Be sure to look through our other sections like APPROVED, IN DEVELOPMENT, REJECTED, etc. We’ve also added a system that detects duplicates and weeds out potential redundancies to ensure the voting process is more convenient for you.

Feel free to use all these new features to search through ideas that have already been published. If you want to see them added to the game, just vote for them. Only the highest-rated ideas advance to the next stage.  

Please note: submissions will remain closed.

There are countless more Community Ideas still awaiting moderation in our backlog. We ask that you give us the time to sort through all of them before we let users submit new entries. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to get notified when submissions re-open.

Visit to see the changes for yourself. The IMPLEMENTED section is now at the top of the page so that you can learn about all the requested features that have already been added to the game. You asked. We delivered.


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