New Alteration: Leggendary Eggsploder

  • DL2
New Alteration: Leggendary Eggsploder
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Eggs are known to be fragile. But in Villedor, they can cause some serious damage! Throw these unique eggsplosive grenades at the horde, but make sure you’re at a safe distance as you’re as likely to crack as they are! And soar like a chicken through Legend Levels with increased multipliers! 

The Leggendary Eggsploder Alteration will have the following effects:
Lootable Eggsplosives—these unique explosives can be found in buses and cars and on Special Infected
Glass cannon effect—more risky, but more rewarding: you deal more damage, but you also take more damage
Additional effects—On harder difficulties, both damage dealt and damage taken will be increased. Additionally, stamina consumption is further increased and its regeneration is decreased
Legend Level multipliers—x1.25, x2 and x4 for easy, normal and hard, respectively

The Leggendary Eggsploder Alteration will run until 12PM on April 1. 


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