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Join Us at the Fish Eye
Techland prepared a new Dying 2 Know format called “At The Fish Eye”, which will focus on post-launch activities for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, developers' life, and entertainment straight from The City!

Have you already seen the first episode of At the Fish Eye in which Techland developers face each other in four challenges? If not, join parkouring devs and watch how Polito, hAgi, and Uroš fight for the great prize and title of the first Techland Nightrunner. Who will win and who will lose? Are the Dying Light creators better at parkour than players? Let’s find out together at the Fish Eye canteen!

Next week, in the second episode, you will see dev’s reactions to the community’s content about the game… but! Besides of having fun together, some episodes will reveal more about new, upcoming things that will be implemented in Dying Light 2 Stay Human! Next months will bring some juicy information! Stay tuned, and stay human! And join us at the Fish Eye canteen!


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