Hotfix Post (11/3)

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Hotfix Post (11/3)


Today, we are releasing a hotfix addressing a number of known issues on PC and consoles:

  • Items given throughout the story will now be dropped on the ground if they did not fit into the inventory or stash
  • Players who lost the Tolga and Fatin quest items because their inventory and stash were full will now receive them after loading the game or sleeping in-game. An empty inventory and stash slot is required
  • Fixed an issue with a redundant blurry screen after using the performance benchmark option
  • Fixed an issue with Delta sometimes visibly clipping with environmental objects
  • Some changes to POIs, noises and flashlight making AI behavior more natural
  • Fixed an issue with a redundant shotgun available for purchase at Jai’s store
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while throwing molotovs while in a co-op session
  • Fixed an issue with missing additional loot from all containers inside the THV Genomics Center
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to pick up their dropped items after dying
  • Fixed an issue with showing negative numbers in statistics on Survivor Mission summary screens
  • Fixed visual glitches that could happen while using FSR/FSR2 upscalers
  • Fixed an issue with improper light distribution in the Saint Paul Cathedral
  • Fixed an issue with melee weapon damage affix for Villedor Monsters gear pieces which granted 70% bonus damage instead of 7%
  • Fixed an issue in the Lost Armory quest where both players in co-op could get stuck in a ‘Quest Failed’ screen if they failed when chasing Tackhead
  • UI text and translation tweaks
  • Fixed an issue with missing items if the player has a full stash and adds a new item into it
  • Items should return to players who lost them
  • Added a warning screen for the action
  • Rebalanced erroneously re-rolled gear affixes to pre-update state
  • Fixed an issue with player being unable to run if they changed weapon while aiming
  • Fixed one-time tutorials appearing on Community Maps
  • Fixed an issue where names of "Carriers Guild Locker" and "Board" are swapped in the Map legend
  • Fixed an issue with the Chi-Tu Charm granting -25% stamina cost with melee weapons instead of -15%
  • Fixed an issue where the First Pilgrim gear pieces restored 100% stamina instead of 10%
  • Added more variants of weak Biters to the AI population
  • Localisation and translation tweaks

Make sure you have the latest version of the game, which should be 1.15.3 after the fix.


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