Hotfix for update 1.9.0!

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Hotfix for update 1.9.0!
We've just dropped a quick hotfix for update 1.9.0!

UPDATE 15.02.2023

Disabled XeSS upscalers for AMD graphic card users. Selecting XeSS in the video options menu no longer causes a driver crash
Fixed crash which could occur while swapping weapons in the inventory menu
Fixed the issue with enlarged multiple icons and HUD elements
Fixed several localization and item description issues


UPDATE 09.02.2023:

Game Updates:
Added "Reset Legend Levels'' option. Players who achieved at least the 50th Legend Level in the previous game version can now reset their progress once per save
Fixed issue with the always “ON” NVIDIA Reflex option, which could cause performance drops on some PC configurations
Fixed issue with the X13 Story Quest blocking access upon joining a co-op session just before finishing the quest
Fixed issue with Dynamic Competition frequency setting. Selecting “OFF” in the options menu will save properly now when selected
Fixed issue with Bloody Anniversary Charm missing inventory icon
Player stash inventory space has been increased to 250 weapon item slots
Fixed issue which prevented launching the game on Windows 7 platforms

Developer Tools Updates:
More consistent projects list sorting
Fixed projects not opening after moving the game file to another disk drive on Steam
Fixed crashing when clicking on the track in the Timeline of the Dialogue Editor
Fixed reverting docked windows size
Fixed missing GPUfx emitters on the town map
Fixed crashing when editing materials for terrain
User can now also delete the few fixed materials for terrain 
Brushes are no longer copied between maps
Fixed crashing when opening Developer Tools on Epic Games Store


PC performance - NVIDIA Reflex setting will be turned OFF by default until further investigation
Legend Levels - fixed bug that granted all 250 levels immediately

*the full-list of patch notes is available here.

Hotfix 1.9.0



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