Hotfix for update 1.10!

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Hotfix for update 1.10!
Hotfix for PC, XBOX and PS 1.10.2 is Live!

We've just dropped a quick hotfix for update 1.10.0!

Fixed a rare issue with co-op players getting stuck on the “Please Wait” communication error if the dialogue is triggered by both players at the same time.
Fixed the Viral Rush bounty counter increasing by 2 after performing a single action.
Fixed rare cases where the number of enemies from the Viral Rush event blocks story progression.
Fixed the issue with mods and charms not appearing on the Skullcut weapon.
Now AIs will have a proper ragdoll reaction after using the Grapple Throw skill.
Fixed the lack of distinction between slot types for weapon mods in the Craftmaster menu.
Optimized medium and high presets of volumetric fog, which caused performance drops.
Fixed an issue with multiple video settings being reset to the previous state after loading a save file.
Fixed several console freezes and hangs related to wrongly uploaded data.
Fixed a crash that could happen every time the player tried to enter the main menu after launching the game.
Fixed camera smoothing in run animation
Fixed Far Jump skill to provide with smoother experience



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