New Hotfix 1.13.1

  • DL2
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New Hotfix 1.13.1

This update adresses:
• several crashes for Playstation and XBOX platforms
• fixed several scenarios where COOP games couldn't connect to each other
• added LODs (Level Of Distance) variants to recently added Community Maps models
• fixed crash on Run Boy Run Community map challenge start
• fixed an specific issue with unavailable Bloody Ties content after loading the game
• fixed an issue with game freezes and eventual game crash
• fixed specific crash after loading the save file
• fixed specific crash after trying to join another player in COOP session
• fixed connection and inviting issues between STEAM and EPIC platforms
• fixed an issue where player could kill GRE Aberration with one hit during spawning animation
• fixed and issue with Cricket Bat/Scrapper Hammer/Buccaneer fail to appear in the user's weapon wheel making the challenges impossible to finish
• fixed an issue with Player who does not receive any damage by most enemies when wearing level 9 outfit with Toughness Booster activated
• added changes in Biter's stamina balance to make performing Finishers on them easier
• decreased LP for GRE Aberrations to 750LP on easy difficulty, 1000LP on normal, and 2000PL on hard difficulty


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