DL Points - a streamlined access to skin bundles

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DL Points - a streamlined access to skin bundles
Pilgrims! Now we’re going to make getting skin bundles faster and easier.

DL Points will let you stay in the game to grab your favorite bundles – it takes a moment and you get better deals! Figure it all out first-hand – everyone will get 500 DL Points at launch!

Have some questions? We've prepared a lengthy FAQ! 

  • What are DL Points and how do I buy them?  DL Points is the in-game currency that allows you to buy skin bundles in Dying Light 2 at a better price and without leaving the game. It will be available to purchase for real money through our in-game store that is connected to first-party stores. DL Points are being sold* in packs of 500, 1100, 2300, 3600 and 6500. The more DL Points you purchase, the more you get as a bonus. For instance, a purchase of 1100 contains a 10% bonus of 100 DL Points while a purchase of 6500 contains a 30% bonus of 1500 DL Points. *Pricing is representative of local market conditions.
  • Do I need DL Points? Only if you have been getting or planning to add some items from our bundles to your armory in your bid for survival! At the same time, they're not required to make the most out of the game you’ve already purchased. So, if you are not a fan of skin bundles, feel free to ignore them and carry on with your day! 
  • Why are you introducing DL Points? This is a straightforward way for you to buy bundles without the need to leave the game. DL Points also make our lives easier, because we won’t have to set up the bundles on multiple outside stores :) And to make it more attractive for you, we are offering a more beneficial pricing for the majority of the bundles when bought with DL Points.
  • I am happy with how it has worked until now, can I just buy skin bundles the old way? For now it will be possible to buy existing skin bundles the way you used to before, with the exception of PlayStation Store, where the bundles will be removed upon the launch of DL Points. At the same time, one of our goals with DL Points is to gradually move all the bundles inside the game, so we can reduce the amount of time we spend on maintaining those on various storefronts. 
  • I don’t care about skin bundles, when is the next update? And what’s up with DLC2? The Summertime Update is available now*. Introducing some of the features you have been asking for including community maps for consoles, new knives animations and more - for the full list, check the patch notes: https://pilgrimoutpost.techlandgg.com/news/summertime-update 
    And that’s not all - we have more than that coming to you by the end of the year, so stay tuned for more cool new things down the road! As for DLC2, our commitment to the community remains the same, and this is to deliver the best story expansion possible – but that takes time. Recently, we’ve invested a lot of time and effort into reworking the core game mechanics, such as combat, parkour, or night, so that they are at a level we are happy with – all to ensure that the DLC2 experience feels genuinely rewarding and fun. *Please note that due to operational reasons the Summertime Update and DL Points will be introduced on PlayStation consoles in Japan at a later date.
  • Is the DLC2 delay in any way connected to you working on DL Points? Absolutely not. These are two separate projects with different teams working on each. The only reason for the DLC2 delay is the fact that we just want to improve the game further for it to fully meet our and your expectations.
  • What kind of bundles can I buy with DL Points? Exactly the same type we have been offering before via first party stores. The only change is that now you will be able to buy them with DL Points directly from the game.
  • How do I buy bundles using DL Points? Easy! Go to the main menu in the game, then to the “Store” section. The bundles displayed there can be purchased with DL Points. Depending on the platform you use, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Are there any limitations on how DL Points can be spent? There are some exclusions - for example, DLC and Upgrades can’t be bought with DL Points. However, you can buy the bundles - and we’re giving 500 DL Points away for free at launch, for you to try them out. So make sure to claim and spend those! 
  • If I already have some of the items, can I get a discount on the bundle that includes them? There is no such functionality available at the launch of DL Points, but we are working on adding it in the future! 
  • If I have already bought a bundle or got it during an event, will it appear as “purchased” for me? To make sure I don’t buy something I already own by accident. Yes, you will be able to see that you own it already and won’t buy it again by accident.
  • How do I claim free DL Points? Go to the main menu in the game, then to the “Store” section. There, you can find a free 500 DL Points pack waiting for you. Follow the instructions you see there to claim the points (depending on the platform you use). 
  • Can I earn DL Points during in-game events? There won’t be such an option at launch, but we are looking into the possibility of creating special occasions when you can do just that. So stay tuned for future updates!
  • Are there any limitations when it comes to how DL Points work? Due to local regulations, there is a 180-day period of expiration for DL Points in Japan. Also, DL Points will not be available in the countries where we don’t sell our games.
  • Can I get a refund of DL Points? ​​​DL Points and purchases made with DL Points are non-refundable, with the only exception being specific cases - for example, if you encounter technical issues with the DL Points services.
  • I have accounts on 2 different platforms, is it possible to migrate DL Points between different platforms? No, DL Points stay assigned to the platform where they were bought. 
  • How does the pricing work for bundles bought with DL Points? A vast majority of the bundles can be bought cheaper, with the exception of our older bundles, sold for $2.99. That price will stay the same, whether you choose to buy them from a store or use DL Points. However, there is a way to get a better deal! DL Points will be sold in packs, and the larger pack you buy, the bigger the discount for a bundle will get.
  • Will the skin bundles bought with DL Points give me any advantage in the game? To give you a better understanding of what we are offering, think of the current bundles we have in Dying Light 2: Stay Human (or even Dying Light 1). DL Points serve as a new way of obtaining such bundles which usually contain cosmetics along with weapons that may feature some special characteristics.
  • Is the DL Points introduction in any way connected to your recent Tencent partnership announcement? No, these events are not connected at all. To give you a little bit of context: we had been offering bundles for purchase even back in Dying Light 1. And for Dying Light 2, we were thinking about building a flow where you can buy bundles in-game from the start. However, the implementation required production time, which is why we are doing it only now.  
  • Are you planning to add DL Points to Dying Light 1? After 7 years of post launch support, we are not introducing any more changes to Dying Light 1, and are focusing on Dying Light 2 instead.
  • Does the introduction of DL Points mean there will be no more skins grindable during in-game events? Absolutely not. DL Points is just a new way of purchasing skin bundles. We will definitely keep running community events - and you’ll still be able to get rewards for completing the goals.
  • Is this function final? This is just the first iteration. We intend to work on the DL Points model and its pricing further, polishing and adjusting it to make sure you have the best user experience possible. Additionally, as it is the case with other updates, we will be paying close attention to any feedback you may have and taking it into consideration while working on further iterations!

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