Community Update #3 (1.13)

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Community Update #3 (1.13)

Community Update #3 is built around the players’ feedback, mostly submitted via the Community Ideas website feature. It introduces improvements across the categories such as weapons, inventory, enemies, and missions. This update kicks off the process of implementing all the features promised in the earlier Sneak Peek.

Weapon improvements
With the Community Update #3 we’ve taken weapons onto our workshop, and we are introducing a set of changes that will help Pilgrims diverse their arsenal ecosystem.

Weapon Repair system is the first aspect we’ve taken into the consideration - we understood that there might be weapons you don’t want to let go easily and they are just trophies in your inventory - so you don’t need to rely on Korek’s Charm or keeping weapons hidden anymore - swing them as much as you like and visit your local Craftmaster to repair them with couple of original crafting resources and old world money. Keep in mind that price might be higher depending on lost durability.

Enemies dropping their weapons is next on our checklist! There will be a chance for enemies to drop weapon after being defeated, which gives you another trick in the sleeve in combat. Those are mostly simple weapons, but depending on the group of enemies you will face, the rarity of items might change!

Mods dismantling feature will help you receive some resources back and free a mod slot - you don’t need to wait to make your weapon slightly more powerful, you can improve your weapon every step now!

A new weapon rarity is cherry on top! Exotic tier weapons will be distinguished by crimson red color, and increased damage and durability is not the only thing that comes in the package! Those items might have unique affixes like increased damage done if an attack hits the enemy’s head, a chance to deal double damage, a chance to deal double damage on POWER ATTACK, or a chance to stun enemies on attacks. Exotic weapons can be found in Pilgrim's Outpost loot boxes, Daily/Weekly bounties loot boxes, Legend Levels Progression, and Replayable GRE Anomalies. Since they are extremely powerful, there is a small chance for them to drop!

Korek Charm Rework
Korek charm was always a big part of the game, proving its usefulness in The City. As you’ve might figured it out based on the weapons changes, we want to still make it useful by adding an unique modifier. Korek’s Charm will give players an increased damage, when the weapon is at 15% or less durability - balancing on the edge will give you an extra payoff!

Replayable GRE Anomalies
Yes, you heard it right! Now, you can repeat fights with Revenants at night to hoard loot! After completing the GRE Anomaly, it can be activated via the on-spot panel that will begin the encounter again, but this time with GRE Aberration, a stronger version of the previous enemy! Try it out and give yourself some challenge!

New enemy variants
After Good Night Good Luck update Howler did not serve any purpose, and we did not want to leave him hanging for too long. We are introducing a following changes to our fellow: Howler will be present during the day, and his scream attracts Virals to your position! Due to the debuff that his scream applies, it’s better to handle him from a distance!

The improved arsenal of weapons brings more versatile enemies! The first to mention is Armored Viral! When meeting this type of Viral, make sure to equip yourself with a little bit more patience as he will be tough! The second variants we introduce is Electric Viral, and Electric Biter - those fellows with a transformator in the chest will make sure to shock you and bring some thunder to the casual encounters. Virals will spawn occasionally during in-game actions that bring attention, like making noise or attracting enemies by, in example, making car explode. The new variants mentioned above are just a warm-up before next, upcoming zombies that we will introduce to the game!

Don’t be surprised when some enemies might be scared of you, or try to speak on the brink of death - their humanity might want to take control.

Enemies deserve to go out in style! In the Community Update #3 we are introducing part of those gory, brutal executions that are a spectacular way to kill someone. Sometimes, when the enemies are stunned, you will be prompted to perform a Finisher - don’t be shy and give it a go! Finishers is a feature that will be explored further in the upcoming updates!

FOV Slider on Xbox Series S
This feature was in your field of view for a long time, and we are happy to introduce FOV Slider on Xbox Series S! Use peripheral vision to the fullest and confront your enemies with an advantage!

Halloween Event
All Hallow’s Eve is back! Get ready to hunt Pumpkintiles, Banshee Witches and other, new unworldly nightmares during the Halloween event! We couldn’t miss the opportunity, and Baka the Unfortunate makes a comeback to lead you through the spooky challenges. The survivors in The City decorated their safe spots so make sure to create memories with Photo Mode!
For completing the Community Goal, you will receive Nightmare Claw Blueprint - 1, 2, Aiden’s coming for you!

In addition to the aforementioned changes, we are thrilled to introduce several significant features:
Knives, knives, knives - In the previous update we’ve introduced custom animations for knives that were available in the in-game events or bundles, now find 4 new knives in The City!
Transmog improvements - It’s understandable that some Pilgrims want to slay in style. We are going one step further, with an ability to hide visuals for specific gear pieces (Basic rags are the MINIMUM you will wear). Additionally, we want to highlight a Community Ideas candidate right here - you are able to hide paraglider’s backpack!
Gear dismantling - same as the feature we’ve introduced while back, now you are able to dismantle gear to get those sweet scraps into your hand.
Personal buffet - need a quick snack on the run? We got you covered! The food can be found in The City. Grab halva, chocolate bar, or pierniczki to regain a part of your health instantly!
Rain improvements - we’ve improved both the rain, and storm effect in the audio and visual way, making it more distinct, and unique.
Carrier, and Carrier Leader outfit - everyone knows that postal service in the post-apocalyptic world full of zombies can be hard - that’s why adding outfits for the effort you made to deliver those parcels needs to be rewarded! By completing the first quest for Carriers, you will receive a basic Carrier outfit, and by finishing the entire quest chain you will receive a Carrier Leader outfit!
Legend Levels tweaks - We want to make Legend Levels more accessible and rewarding, that’s why we’ve introduced a series of smaller changes. Feel like you’ve made a grave mistake with distribution of your Legend Levels? Don’t worry! With this update we are giving an option to reset your LP for a fee of 5000 gold coins. From the technical point of view, we are introducing a following changes:
• Increased LL XP gain from different sources
• Increased buffs from LL skills
• “Joker” damage increase now applies to throwing weapons
• You can exchange Trophies for LL XP
• On top of that we’ve introduced Legendary Thursdays where you can earn 2x Legendary experience!
Stash sorting options - no more items cluttered in your personal stash! We’ve added some sorting options, so navigating through items will be easier and more comfortable. You just need to sort it out and try it out yourself!
Color grading improvements - with the introduction of Darker Nights the differences in color grading were too close to each other. Now, Harran and Gritty nights is tweaked according to the community feedback.
Text Chat (PC Only) - due to the popular request, we are introducing a Text Chat on PC platform, that you will be able to use during your co-op sessions! Feel free to tell us how you like that feature and we will further look into it!
PS. do not use text chat during night chase, unless you want to be teleported back to the safe house by a hand of random Volatile.
Bloom effect - community was vocal about a possibility to turn off that visual effect, and we’ve decided to introduce this option in Community Update #3. We improved the lighting model to rebelance the "bloom" effect according to community expectations plus we introduced three additional advanced lighting options to aloof for further configurations by players - Glow, Light Streaks, Lens Flare

Thank you, Pilgrims for your feedback and ideas passed down by Community Ideas website! Many changes have been, and will be implemented thanks to your voice and support!

Game Update
Apart from all the big news from the Communtiy Update #3 above, we’ve also introduced the following fixes and improvements to the game:

Synchronized animation and timing of Volatiles shooting projectiles at the player.

• Hag reacts to being hit properly.
• Added a “charge” time required for the Weapon Throw. Your items shouldn’t slip from your hands anymore.
• Adjusted time needed to receive Gold Medal in Prim-ate Challenge.
• Fixed some instances in which the final boss was stuck idling.
• Fixed an issue where NPC character would clip with Frank in the Fisheye.
• Player can pick up thrown weapons that land on lab crystals.
• Patched up exploit that allowed player to “farm” infected on level 4 Chase in a certain spot.
• Tweaks to auto aim on bow introduced.
• Changed the speed of stabs in takedowns, not player should faster move to back to the gameplay after animation.
• Fixed flashlight behaviour during cutscenes.
• Lowered the value of magnetic leap during combat.
• Reduced the amount of barks in the safety hubs.
• You can now overpower Volatiles with powerful weapons, reducing the amount of hits required to kill them.
• Changed the FX on the enemies that are under toxic effect.
• Fixed an issue where weapons crafted with Craftmasters had lower damage values than intended, effectively increasing damage.
• When grabbed, player can detach from falling zombie to a free-fall.
• Weapon damage rebalancing for previous in-game events and paid bundles.
• Added affix to Dying Laugh Charm, now granting +4% Base Damage Bonus.

 Due to stability issues, we have temporarily disabled the Quality game mode on XSX until they are resolved. If you played on Quality before, the game will run in Balanced mode now. We will update you on the further progress with that case.
• Switching from DX12 to DX11 correctly applies all the specific settings.
• Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in between rocks inside Prologue cave.
• Fixed the texture of the water that is seen from a certain distance.
• Controller vibrations should work on all platforms.
• Optimization of 3D assets of some buildings, interiors, wind turbines, and others.
• Fixed missing textures while looking at the buildings from a certain distance.
• Moving items to the stash will no longer reset the inventory list to the top.

• Fixed localization text on timers.
• Adjusted localized text in dialogues.
• Adjusted the size of blueprints icons.
• While the compass visibility is off, it will be visible on extended HUD
• Added an option to disable bows' and crossbows' reticule in HUD settings.
• Added an option to disable “hit mark” while hitting enemies.


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