Faster, fewer, and feasible

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Faster, fewer, and feasible
We’re tidying up the Community Ideas!

Our community simply never runs out of ideas. Since we reopened submissions on April 15th, you’ve sure been delivering! We received about 2000 entries in total. It’s amazing and more than we could’ve hoped for – thank you! At the same time, you’re signaling that navigating through so many ideas on the page, not to mention digesting them, is still a bit of a challenge. We came up with a couple of things that we can do to fix it.

We’re going to adjust the moderation criteria a bit

We’ve always aimed to make sure that the ideas published on our website are clear and sound, but now we see it’s also crucial to focus on their feasibility already in the initial stage.To give you examples, some of the ideas we have to reject are brand new locations, brand new enemy models – it's not always possible to implement such larger concepts at least in the foreseeable future. In the past, the ideas were given an in-depth reality check towards the very end of the process. From now on, we’ll move that step forward and have a dev take a look at the entries when they’re in moderation. We want the Community Ideas program to feature the ideas which are confirmed to be doable, to avoid potential disappointment down the line.

We’re adding a lifespan to ideas

We’ve heard your complaints that the sheer volume of Community Ideas makes it impossible to go through all of them. So, in addition to our ongoing efforts to clean up the already published ideas, we’re going to introduce a limited lifespan for the least popular submissions. Each idea will have 30 days to make an impression, counting from the date of its publication. If an entry doesn’t reach at least 10 upvotes, it will be taken off the website. The posts will start getting removed on June 10th, so if your favorites haven’t been that popular, you still have some time to share them around and hype them up. In any case, there are dozens upon dozens of ideas that you can give your support to!

We hope that these changes will improve your experience with Community Ideas. In the end, having a more sustainable and insightful process is not only going to allow the best ideas their moment in the spotlight, but also influence the turnaround time for the better. For any more questions about Community Ideas, visit the FAQ. And keep giving us your feedback – we’ll be listening!


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