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New Hotfix
Hotfix 1.12.2

We just released a new hotfix for PC. Update will be available on consoles in the next two weeks. Changes and fixes are as follows:

EULA Changes
We’ve made a few changes to our EULA related to mods, which should make the rules more clear for our modding community. We’ve removed “mods” from the “Cheating” section, and introduced a new paragraph in section 17. “User Generated Content”:
“You may create and distribute mods for the Program, as long as your mods comply with the Techland Mod Policy. Techland Mod Policy is available at

So make sure to check these changes out! You will need to agree to the updated EULA when logging into the game after the hotfix.

In-Game Store
We've added a new 100 DL Points pack as the earliest available form of response to your feedback.
Bug fixes
Fixed instances when the “Community Maps” tab would freeze for some time after accessing it.
Fixed stutter and unwanted pop-up windows when changing Gamma settings while in game.
Fixed stutter when hovering over City Alignment benefits in the menu.
Fixed stutter when hovering over Tools in the Inventory menu.
Fixed graphical alignment of installed mods on Mercenary Machete.
Fixed an exploit when a player could pick up the same inhibitor twice after defeating a GRE Anomaly while playing in co-op.
Fixed a crash that could occur when accessing an old save file on PS4 and PS4 Pro.
Fixed the performance issue of the Skip Prologue video on PS4 and PS4 Pro, when using the feature from the Pause Menu.

 Hotfix 1.12.2



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