Communtiy Update #2

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Communtiy Update #2
Communtiy Update #2 is Live for PC, XBOX and PS!

Presenting features our community was #Dying2Have!

New Features
- Cross-gen for consoles.
- Legend Levels — new end-game progression system accessed after unlocking every ability in the skill tree. Learn what true power feels like!
- Dynamic Competitions in co-op

Quality of Life Improvements
- Lowered Biter grabbing frequency
- Players can now instantly kill grabbing Biters with the Stab Skill upgrade
- Skippable cutscenes 
- Kick attacks are now a little bit faster and more powerful
- Crafting items — players can determine any specific amount

- Ragdoll physics and AI reaction improvements
- More realistic impact on hits
- New enemy reaction to hits
- New enemy animations 
- New enemy behavior around ledges of buildings
- New 1-handed axe animations
- Pilgrim Outfit granted at the beginning of the game
- Hazmat Biter explosion fixed

- Host’s ability to share Nightrunner tools
- Improved player marker visibility at all times 
- Player status display (poisoned, burned, bleeding, etc.)
- Added map markers
- Improved matchmaking
- Respawns of party members no longer linked to the host

See the full list of new features, fixes and improvements at!

Communtiy Update #2
 Communtiy Update #2



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