What Happened in the 5th Episode of Dying 2 Know

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What Happened in the 5th Episode of Dying 2 Know
In this episode, we revealed a 15 minute-long gameplay video alongside new information regarding the UGC Contest, Techland GG, and our preview events

The fifth episode of Dying 2 Know has been released, our original web series that dives deep into the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

In this episode, we revealed a 15 minute-long gameplay video that delivers more details of the game’s world, its complex characters, the City Alignment system, combat and parkour mechanics, and the choices you’ll get to face on February 4th.

In this gameplay video, Aiden has arrived in the Central Loop and, at the Fish Eye canteen, he hopes to find details about his missing sister. But first, he needs to get to an electrical substation to restore power in The City. To do that, he is helped by his new ally, Lawan—whom you may recognize as the Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson.

During this episode, we also shared updates about the UGC contest: the deadline has been extended and we added new guidelines to help cosplayers recreate Dying Light 2 characters even better! So, keep sending us more stories, arts, and cosplays right here to have the chance to win some awesome rewards.

Our community hub TechlandGG also has news for you! There are now special achievements you activate on the website and complete in-game, earning you experience points and levels in the program. New levels mean new claimable rewards in Dying Light, and soon… weapons in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Meaning, you’ll have a headstart on exploring The City on release.

Finally, we talked about our preview events that were held all around the world (Poland, UK, USA, Russia and Japan). Journalists and content creators had a chance to spend a few hours in front of PCs or PS4s to play the latest version of the game. Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and very helpful in helping us polish the game.

Check out the latest episode of Dying 2 Know to get more details and don’t forget to pre-order the game so that you can explore its vast open-world on February 4th 2022.


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