Get a unique in-game pizza charm

Make your weapon stand out

Attach this unique pizza charm to your weapon to give it a personal touch, and slice through the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

The only way to get this limited-edition weapon charm is to place your order on Slice between February 3 and March 3, 2022.

You'll get a unique code, which you'll easily redeem here at TechlandGG - a community hub where you can complete quests, earn XP, and get unique rewards. You can redeem your codes until February 3, 2024.

How to receive the charm?

It's that simple!

  • Step
    Download the Slice app, and order your favourite pizza.
  • Step
    Get your code from Slice, and redeem it for your charm at TechlandGG.
  • Step
    New to TechlandGG? Join now, and connect your platforms to transfer all your in-game rewards to the game.
    • Steam
    • PSN
    • Xbox
    • Epic Games
  • Step
    Your reward can be found in the item stash once you complete the Prologue.

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