Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Mahala's Visions

Solve Mahala’s riddles and clues that will lead you to find the game’s best-hidden secrets. Can you decrypt them all?

Heed My Words Or Live To Regret It

The world is a place of many unknowns. Why dwell in uncertainties when you can shine a light instead? I am the Fortune Teller. Within the next two weeks, you will receive a slew of new visions from me down below. Your task will be to figure out what they mean and where to locate the Easter Eggs in the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Are you wise enough to take on the mysteries and succeed? Now, that’s a prophecy I will keep to myself. Good luck!

  1. Head to the bus, that stands abandoned for years — turn the current on, to receive further trails. On top of a structure, raised by the hands of those who worshipped the maker — take a look around, and soon you'll become a skater.

    Start in the Saint Paul Island District
  2. Wake up, Pilgrim.
    You have a city to save!
    From the peak of the world,
    Let the wind carry you forth.
    Where pens rule over a sword,
    Spot a man and source of warmth.

    Start in the Saint Paul Island District
  3. One, two, ain't enough!
    Six whole punts might seal the pact.
    Score more, meet a rough.
    Watch his jig and savage act!

    Start in the Garrison District
  4. Find the mushrooms that grow on the yellow giant, hone them bright as though 'tis night, become resistant. A test that appears in front of thy eyes — thou shall take it, and fly across the skies.

    go to the Trinity District
  5. By a Southeastern bandit camp,
    A dome hangs over an acid mere.
    Wait and sit there like a champ,
    Till a packaged gift comes near.

    go to the Lower Dam Ayre District
  6. Where two-legged fish reside,
    Roam to stash and where to rest.
    With a chicken at your side,
    Snatch a pair right from the nest.

    Go to the New Dawn Park District
  7. In the name of the five Dark Quacks!
    Within the depths of the highest high,
    Make a sacrifice and draw a star.
    At last, bear arm for the end is nigh,
    Seek great power in the world afar.

    End in Garrison District
  8. At a safehouse of the Lock Master,
    By a garden of orange carriage,
    Find a note from an officer-meister,
    A third-in-line to the name of heritage.

    Northeast Garrison District
  9. In the dimension from the puzzle before,
    Be on the lookout in the deep hellspawn.
    Past a zigzag trail to the left explore,
    Lies a print in the hidden dungeon for brawn.

    Return to the Underground
  10. At a hostile Southern Stronghold,
    Find a room with a tribal cloth fold.
    Fulfill the demands of long behold,
    A prisoner's fate at last remold.

    Find in the Newfound Loost Lands District
  11. Three cables, three sockets: start at the top of tall earth,
    The one with flowering radio rods and airdropped turf.
    Perceptively make your way down by way of no stairs,
    Pass two walls of portraits and sit tight on all four chairs.

    Start in the Saint Paul Island District
  12. With the eat at bandit heights in time of rain,
    Look around and surely wait a while, not in vain,
    For in the settlement close in sight and plain,
    From noon to 6, witness a god's power reign.

    Wait at Garrison Heights

When the Time Comes to Choose!

These visions are a pathway to only a few secrets. Who knows? You may even find more of our 100+ Easter Eggs in the world of #DyingLight2. Fear not, for the Spark within you shines bright. Get out there and fight for what is good and righteous.

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