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Get a head start in Dying Light 2 Stay Human with a collection of items which may keep you alive another day!
Available to both new and veteran players.

Weapon Rare

Perfect to clear a path and extinguish any hazards.

  • 1-handed weapon
  • Scalable damage
  • 150 durability
  • 2 mod sockets

Blueprint included. Redeem it accordingly in the stash.

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Other Uncommon
Nightrunner Craftpart Pack
Nightrunner Craftpart Pack

A collection of various items that can be used to craft, repair or upgrade weapons.

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Outfit Artifact
Stay Human Outfit
Stay Human Outfit

The iconic Aiden look. Stay Human, my friends.

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Get these items in-game for free before march 7!

  • Harran pistol

    Once you’ve completed the prologue, you can find this trusty firearm in your stash!

  • Retrowave redux bundle

    Throw it back to the 80s and light up the night with this synthwave-inspired bundle!

Anniversary bounties

Running until march 14, each week, the bounty list will be expanded and completing them will reward you with iconic items from the dying light universe!

Prepare to fight
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the free weekend last?

    February 22nd, 7pm CET, to February 26th, 7pm CET.

  • Is there a progression cap on the Free Weekend?

    There is no progression cap, you can get as far as you can within the Free Weekend window. This includes DLC1 - Bloody Ties, included in the Reloaded Edition of the game.

  • Will my progress be kept after the Free Weekend in case I purchase the game?

    Yes, if you purchase the game after the Free Weekend is over, you will be able to continue from where you left off.

    Purchase Dying Light 2: Stay Human Reloaded Edition between February 22nd 2024 and March 7th 2024 to receive 50% off.

  • What content is available in the Free Weekend edition of the game?

    Everything included in the Standard Edition of Dying Light 2 Stay Human plus Bloody Ties DLC.

  • How do I enable Bloody Ties now that it’s included in Dying Light 2 Stay Human during the Free Weekend?

    For Steam - You will automatically have Bloody Ties enabled during the Free Weekend period.

  • How do I find the guns in the game:

    After the Prologue, you’ll be able to find The Harran Pistol + Ammo in your stash at any safe zone until March 7th.

    When you reach the second region of the game, visit the Fisheye Canteen. There, you will find Agent Jai, the Watcher, who will initiate the “Lost Armory” quest.

    Survivor Missions will also be available near the Main Terminal Station and the THV Genomics Center.

    Survivor Missions will also be available near the Main Terminal Station and the THV Genomics Center.

    There will also be 5 new Community Maps centered around Firearms to check out.

  • What other in-game free content can I get during the Free Weekend?

    The Harran Pistol and Ammo will be available in your stash at any safe zone until March 7th.

    You’ll be able to collect the Retrowave Redux Bundle for Free via the in-game store between February 22nd, 2024 and March 7th, 2024.

    Visit Pilgrim Outpost to find more goodies, including the Welcome Bonus and more:


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