The final event for Chapter 1 is here,
but the story continues. Let's make it big!

Hats Off To You!

In Chapter 1 we’ve challenged you a lot...and you managed to exceed every single expectation!
To say that you are amazing is a major understatement.

So now, to thank you, we double XP for your combat and parkour actions, and then double THAT again at night! Double double XP! Can you imagine? Oh, and since we're getting really generous here, the Special Infected are dropping more mutation samples now too!


For all of you TGG users out there! Take part in the event and don’t forget to collect two Harper’s Tokens waiting for you on Techland GG.

2x Harper's Token
2x Harper's Token
  • ⚙️ Your reward has been unlocked for you.

Chapter 2

Something is transforming humans into Plaguebearers. Discover who in the second chapter of Dying Light 2 Stay Human entitled "A Huntress and the Hag".


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