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Week 8: Life Sentence

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Life Sentence by name, but not by nature, as fifteen minutes should be enough to finish this map. Each zone the player finds themselves in has two different ways to complete it, allowing for greater replayability. And for those who like a challenge, there are 7 rubber ducks hidden throughout. See just how many you can find!

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Iwona Kryłowicz
TechQA Analyst
Iwona Kryłowicz
Unlike a traditional sentence, if you’ve got the skills you can be in and out in fifteen minutes. The creator has really thought about the parkour paths they’ve created. I could run past all the enemies and look super cool doing so, or I can simply smash them with my hammer. Whatever I choose, it’s bound to be fun! Great map :D
Mila Postol
Digital Project Manager
Mila Postol
Love that there’s not just one way to complete the goal, giving you a chance to experiment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Developer Tools

  • Why is Techland partnering with rather than using Steam Workshop? is a cross-platform UGC solution, supporting 11 game systems and stores. We are launching with PC support, which includes our Steam and Epic Games playerbases. Console versions with in-game integration will follow in 2023, and partnering with ensures we can provide official mod support for all Dying Light 2 Stay Human players, regardless of platform or store preference.

  • On which platforms can I access the Developer Tools (custom map mods)?

    Beta starts December 13, 2022. PC platforms (Steam and Epic Games Store) will have access to official mod support. All players can view submitted and approved custom maps via the Dying Light 2 - Developer Tool launcher, or directly by visiting

    With the full release in 2023 for PC and consoles (PlayStation and Xbox), complete mod support will be implemented and fully integrated into the game as a new feature.

  • Why are you releasing on PC first and then consoles?

    PC platforms (Steam and Epic Games Store) allow for faster interaction, testing and improvements. This will also ensure our release on consoles will be fully populated with maps created by our passionate PC community.

  • What sort of mods can we expect to be available?

    Developer Tools played a huge part in the community support and success of the original Dying Light. It’s for this reason we engaged to bring this experience to all Dying Light 2 Stay Human players on both PC and consoles. From the release, our goal was to engage creators who want to revisit and make new custom maps. Whether narrative, co-op, or competitive, they all play a part in what our community loves about Dying Light. We are always open to exploring a wide range of mod categories based on player feedback.

  • Will the experience differ for console players versus PC players?

    Techland is partnering with to provide continuity of experience for all players. Mods have traditionally been created by players on PC, and in line with this, we have released a dedicated creation tool. The Dying Light 2 Stay Human Dev Tools provide players on PC with our own toolset to create Maps, Stories and Dialogues. Created within the Dev Tools on PC, these creations are then available to play via the Dev Tool for PC players.

    In early 2023, PC and Console players will be able to play this content as part of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Creation of content will remain within the Dying Light 2 Stay Human Dev Tool, due to the requirements for content creation on PC.

    Official mod support for Dying Light 2 Stay Human means content can be played by PC and console players, once integration for PC and consoles launches in early 2023.

  • Do I need a account in order to submit or play Custom Maps?

    In order to submit your custom map for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, creators will be required to sign in to using the Developer Tools. Account creation allows creators and subscribers to add custom maps to their mod collection. The process is simple and requires email authentication for the user. Once a user account has been created, players can browse, rate, comment on, and subscribe to Developer Tools at Custom maps submission is available exclusively via the Map Editor program.

  • What's new in Developer Tools?

    We've added the first batch of assets from the first Dying Light so that you can recreate the world of Harran in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This package consists mainly of slums, small buildings, a hangar set, a railway set, and catwalks. More to come!


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