Look what the cat dragged in...

It's been 15 years since the Fall, a time of never-ending fear and terror. No one stood a chance of facing the hordes come nightfall. Then came the Nightrunners, a group of ex-Special Ops that chose to become the watchmen of the City.

I was one of them.

The group would grow in ranks and reach legendary status...we were like brothers. It all came crashing down when the team ventured out to take back the VNC Tower. The swarming Infected overpowered everyone. One by one, we perished. No one would’ve ever guessed that on this day, it was the end of the Nightrunners.

The few of us that survived disbanded. Our leader abandoned the team and as a result, we scattered. All the good that could’ve been — gone. Just like that. Sure felt like a betrayal to everything we ever stood for, we have never recovered since. However, that didn’t stop me from doing the right thing. The name is Harper and I’m gonna need your help.

We need to take care of the sudden rise in the Infected. I’ll aid you by giving you access to one-of-a-kind new gear, so listen closely. What we do here will have major repercussions later down the line. Are you in?

New System

Folk like me are called agents. That makes me your gateway to the all-new rank system. Find me at the Fish Eye Canteen so you can get started on all the latest activities. Let’s get into it!

Agent Ranks

If you want the finest loot in the city, you will first have to prove yourself. Check out the agent menu to track your current rank. By garnering enough reputation points, you will unlock the possibility to getcha self new items.

  • Rank 7


    • 1H Slashing Weapon (Artifact Rarity)

      1H Slashing Weapon (Artifact Rarity)

    • Brawler Gear Part (Artifact Rarity)

      Brawler Gear Part (Artifact Rarity)

  • Rank 8


    • Weekly Bounty #3 is unlocked

      Weekly Bounty #3 is unlocked

    • Hooded Nightrunner (Artifact Outfit)

      Hooded Nightrunner (Artifact Outfit)

  • Rank 9


    • Harper's Elite Mission Ticket

      Harper's Elite Mission Ticket

    • Nightrunner's Claws (Legendary Knuckledusters)

      Nightrunner's Claws (Legendary Knuckledusters)

    • Nightrunner Crystal Pack (Artifact Rarity)

      Nightrunner Crystal Pack (Artifact Rarity)

  • Rank 10


    • 1H Slashing Weapon (Legendary Rarity)

      1H Slashing Weapon (Legendary Rarity)

    • Elite Nightrunner (Artifact Outfit)

      Elite Nightrunner (Artifact Outfit)

    • Elite Nightrunner's Paraglider (Paraglider Skin)

      Elite Nightrunner's Paraglider (Paraglider Skin)

  • Rank 10+


    • Harper's Token is gained for each ongoing rank. No new items can be bought from the Agent at this point

      Harper's Token is gained for each ongoing rank. No new items can be bought from the Agent at this point.

  • Rank 1


    • Weekly Bounty #1 is unlocked

      Weekly Bounty #1 is unlocked

    • Infected Trophy Pack (Rare Rarity)

      Infected Trophy Pack (Rare Rarity)

    • Infected Trophy Pack (Uncommon Rarity)

      Infected Trophy Pack (Uncommon Rarity)

    • Nightrunner Craftpart Pack

      Nightrunner Craftpart Pack

  • Rank 2


    • Harper's Regular Mission Ticket

      Harper's Regular Mission Ticket

    • Brawler Gear Part (Unique Rarity)

      Brawler Gear Part (Unique Rarity)

  • Rank 3


    • Rubber Duck Charm (Rare Blueprint)

      Rubber Duck Charm (Rare Blueprint)

    • 1H Slashing Weapon (Unique Rarity)

      1H Slashing Weapon (Unique Rarity)

  • Rank 4


    • Weekly Bounty #2 is unlocked

      Weekly Bounty #2 is unlocked

    • Nightrunner Hook Charm (Rare Blueprint)

      Nightrunner Hook Charm (Rare Blueprint)

    • Nightrunner Safety Pack (Unique Rarity)

      Nightrunner Safety Pack (Unique Rarity)

  • Rank 5


    • Infected Trophy Pack (Unique Rarity)

      Infected Trophy Pack (Unique Rarity)

    • Electric Mine (Unique Blueprint)

      Electric Mine (Unique Blueprint)

  • Rank 6


    • Cobra (Paraglider Skin)

      Cobra (Paraglider Skin)

    • Nightrunner Healing Pack

      Nightrunner Healing Pack


What better way to learn the ways of the Nightrunners and earn reputation points than by facing the Infected head-on in a series of daily and weekly activities?

Daily Bounties

I’ve got some grueling tasks for you to complete that will change with each day. The idea is usually rather simple. Dismember, obliterate, set on fire, or gut your enemies.

  • Sound of Silence

    Hunt 10 Howlers.

    Rank Points400
  • Poison

    Hunt 4 Splitters.

    Rank Points400
  • Can't Touch This

    Hunt 3 Goons.

    Rank Points400
  • Wherever I May Roam

    Hunt 2 Volatiles.

    Rank Points400
  • Another Brick in the Wall

    Hunt 10 Demolishers.

    Rank Points400
  • Aerials

    Hunt 4 Banshees.

    Rank Points400
  • Moonlight Drive

    Hunt 3 Bolters.

    Rank Points400
  • You Shook Me

    Hunt 4 Suiciders.

    Rank Points400
  • Numb

    Hunt Special Infected at night to gather XXX Mutation Samples.

    Rank Points400
  • Paint it Black

    Successfully complete Regular Chapter Challenge.

    Rank Points400
  • My Precious

    Acquire Rare or higher rarity Crystal Core. Can be found in Dark Hollows infested by the Infected.

    Rank Points400
  • On the Chase

    Survive minute of a level 4 chase.

    Rank Points400
  • Cornucopia

    Get cumulative of 2000 night experience (blue icon) in one night.

    Rank Points400
  • Predator

    Perform 10 Takedowns on any Special Infected.

    Rank Points400
  • Set the World on Fire

    Kill 20 Infected with fire.

    Rank Points400
  • A Break In

    Acquire Crystal Cores during during one day. The night will reset progress.

    Rank Points400
  • One Wrong Step

    Defeat a Bolter with fall damage.

    Rank Points400
  • Circumstantial

    Defeat 5 Virals during Chase without using weapons.

    Rank Points400
  • Activated My Trap Card

    Demolisher defeated using mines.

    Rank Points400
  • The Great Escape

    During a Chase, negate fall damage using one of the chasing Virals.

    Rank Points400
  • Unstoppable Force

    Defeat a Charger by impaling them on the spikes during their charge.

    Rank Points400
  • Precise Incesion

    Defeat a Spitter using takedown.

    Rank Points400
  • Disarmed

    Cut off a Suicider's head before it explodes.

    Rank Points400
  • Gotcha!

    Defeat a Bolter using melee weapons only.

    Rank Points400
  • Silent Night

    Hu nt 4 Howlers without initiating chase.

    Rank Points400
  • Ranged Supperiority

    Defeat a Spitter using Spear.

    Rank Points400
  • The Circle of Life

    Hunt a Volatile while on a level 4 chase.

    Rank Points400
  • Pull!

    Hunt a Banshee using ranged weapons only.

    Rank Points400
  • Coming Through

    Make a Goon defeat 5 Biters.

    Rank Points400
  • Balls of Steel

    Defeat Special Infected during the night using explosives. Damned be the consequences.

    Rank Points400
  • Knocking on Heavens Door

    Hunt 3 Chargers

    Rank Points400
  • David and Goliath

    Defeat a Goon using toxic damage.

    Rank Points400
  • Thousand Cuts

    Defeat a Demolisher using bleed damage.

    Rank Points400
  • Supply Run

    Collect 30 Valuables in one night. The day will reset progress.

    Rank Points400
  • Into the Abyss

    Find and defeat Volatile Hive. Can be found in Dark Hollows and completed GRE Quarantine.

    Rank Points400

Weekly Bounties

Rank up and set out to bring down the heavy hitters or collect the new resources. Don’t get soft on me, now. On the bright side, you’ll receive more reputation points.

  • 1Required Rank

    Nightrunner's Footsteps

    Hunt Special Infected as night to gather 1000 Mutation Samples.

    Rank Points1000
  • 5Required Rank

    The Darkest of Places

    Find and defeat Volatile Hives. Can be found in Dark Hollows and completed GRE Quarantine.

    Rank Points1000
  • 8Required Rank

    The Apex Predator

    Hunt Volatile Tyrants. A guaranteed encounter awaits You in Elite Chapter Challenge.

    Rank Points1000


Within my agent menu you will also find an entire catalog of weapons, outfits, consumables, and many other special items to choose from. I will trade you for mutation samples and Harper’s tokens as long as you bring me enough of them. Got it?

Harper's Tokens

Tokens are one of the unique currencies used to purchase items that you previously unlocked upon attaining the required rank. They can be obtained primarily by ranking up within the agent ranks.


The Nightrunner’s Claws are just one of the few special weapons you can get from me. The higher your agent rank, the better the array and quality of weapons.


On top of an impressive arsenal, you can get new outfits. One of the most sought-after attires is none other than the Elite Nightrunner set.

Goods & Blueprints

Finally, the consumables such as the improved inhibitors, mine blueprints, mission tickets, etc. Each one serves its own unique purpose that alters your gameplay needs and style.

& Mutations

  • Mission Tickets Ticket

    As your vendor, I also offer the special item called Mission Tickets. These will relocate you to timed trials in which you have to reach the final area by a combination of force, stealth and parkour. The last goal will be to eradicate all the Infected.

    The Missions are very punishing. Failure to finish the objective on time or death means game over. Stock up on multiple tickets before attempting! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Special Infected

    Get out there and hunt down the Special Infected. Loot foes for the new resource, Mutation Samples. Use it to trade with me for some awesome goodies at my shop.

    Be extra careful around the new enemy breed ravaging The City, the Mutated Infected. They come in two forms - both of which contain the largest amounts of Mutation Samples, more than any other enemy you will come across.

  • Volatile Hive Volatile Tyrants

    Volatile Hive is an immobile enemy guarded by other Volatiles. They can alarm the nearby Infected when attacked. You have a chance of finding them in the Special Infected infested Dark Hollows, as well as completed Gre Quarantine Zones.

    Volatile Tyrants however, will be much harder to come across as they are elusive hunters that only occasionally stop to feast on the rooftops.

Prepare for What's About To Go Down

Good Luck and Stay Human!


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